Reflecting on Tara Dillard’s Visit and Presentation in the Gardens

tara-dillard-bio-pictureAuthor and landscape designer extraordinaire Tara Dillard spoke in Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens.® this past Thursday. Dillard is an award-winning designer and luckily for us, she calls Georgia her home.

Dillard spoke to a group of interior and landscape designers offering tips on how they can expand their business by creating a harmonious theme between interior décor and outdoor areas, and encouraging them to look beyond their traditional roles as decorators or landscapers.

Dillard shared slides of her garden at home as well as some of her favorite gardens around town, pointing out some great ways to add multi-faceted focal points. Wooden benches, armillary, large statuary and varied pieces of pottery were used not just an accessory, but a destination within the outdoor space.bench

While Dillard encouraged those in attendance to be resourceful (drive a van and pick up whatever catches your eye!), she also noted that on many occasions, she had found everything she needed for a project, right here in The Gardens at AmericasMart!

If you missed this Lunch & Learn and are interested in attending our next event in The Gardens®, please call 404-220-2030 for more information. In addition, please contact us if you have questions about the products featured on this page.

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