Six Design Currents

Deborah Sanders headshotDuring the 23 years I worked at VERANDA magazine the most important thing I learned was that design is not static. It reflects man at his creative best. As a consequence, it is always changing. It evolves.

In spite of the fact that VERANDA began as a privately-held magazine competing against large publishing houses, it was successful. I believe this was due in large part to the fact that it chronicled this evolutionary process by showcasing the most inspired and forward-thinking interiors.

The products that go in our homes are the elements that create provocative design. Over the last ten years I worked at the magazine, I traveled the world to trade shows and events, tracking and observing the changes taking place in design.

I love the discovery process and it has inspired me to create my own business. With a web site I hope to launch in the spring called Style I intend to share these views on design products made for the home.

In this power point presentation for the January market, I take a look at six design currents. Color, use of materials and form are among the subjects of commentary that elucidate the influences and innovations prevalent in today’s market.

I am not a psychic, but there are clearly some predictors surfacing that may have a profound effect on products for the home. Join me for a look at THE EVOLVED SPACE: NEW DIRECTIONS IN DESIGN. January 15

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