IN LIVING COLOR…Expert Thoughts From Designer Rebecca Ewing

REwingIs Rebecca Ewing a creative genius, design guru or a little like Doctor Phil? Perhaps she’s combination of all three? In a recent seminar she hosted at the Fall Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market last weekend, Rebecca showed retailers the value of creating an environment with design and color that is aesthetically pleasing as well as calming to the senses. Rebecca believes that physiology and interior design go hand-in-hand. The industry leader showed her expertise and knowledge of the world of interior design with intricate details on how she can match a room to one’s personality. After listening to her, you are convinced that colors and their hues can change behavior and alter moods.

During her seminar, Rebecca went beyond interior design and talked fashion–and how to  leverage certain clothing and colors to accomplish specific goals. She explained how wearing the right color palette can make one more approachable. She was a perfect example of this theory as the crowd was extremely attentive and responsive to her thoughts and insight. Many were there for to learn more for their store and personal insight, but the course was also offered to those seeking .2 CEU credits.

The event was a hit with comments such as:

“Rebecca’s knowledge and experience is incomparable.”

“Absolutely fabulous! She was fantastic!”

“Rebecca is always informative and showing new views and perspectives of color and the impacts.”

“Wonderful seminar. I loved the presentation, and I hope to learn more.”  “Very interesting and informative. Thought provoking.”

Want to know more about Rebecca and discover additional ideas? Visit Rebecca’s website:

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