AmericasMart Exhibitor Uses Unique Method of Pre-Registering Buyers, Capturing Info

With thousands of buyers walking the floors and popping in and out of showrooms, exhibitors may not always have the opportunity to gather all the appropriate information, know who is coming or guarantee that a buyer will stop by the showroom. One Holiday/Floral & Home Décor exhibitor found this to be true and decided to proactively address the challenge. Creative Connection by Teters decided to capture buyer information in a method that was rewarding for both the company and the buyer. They created a promotional event to giveaway three iPads at the July Market. Creative Connection not only gave them away at Market, but also drummed up attention and excitement pre-Market with postcard mailings, emcreativeconnectionails and personalized invitations from sales representatives. This enabled Creative Connection to know who and how many to expect at Market, efficiently plan for their arrival and arrange meetings before they walked through the showroom doors.

“The goal of the promotion was to generate interest among prospective July Market attendees by encouraging them to pre-register for their visit to our showroom,” says Jon Dennis of Creative Connection.

And, the hard work paid off! Nearly 450 buyers pre-registered for the grand prize drawing to win one of the three iPads. Three lucky buyers walked away with a 64-gigabtye iPad. But, Creative Connection did not leave out the others. Those who did now win an iPad received a complimentary backpack just for dropping by the showroom.

When developing marketing plans and fresh ideas to attract current and new buyers to your showroom try out-of-the-box thinking with promotional giveaways and appealing incentives to pre-register for Market. It worked for Creative Connection; it can work for you!

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