A Fabulous Friday in Atlanta

The Temporaries opened in full force on Friday with excited, bustling crowds. All 12 Temp floors were busy with buyers exploring, looking for the next big idea. The new 158Antiques, Vintage and One-of-a-Kind segment on Floor 2 of Building 1 brought a welcome, new element to Temps.  As usual, HIGH DESIGN was as popular as ever with150 both favorite returning exhibitors and first-timers. Zoe Lancaster of Barkology reports a great day on Friday as did Kelly O’Neal of Design Legacy. “Those retailers who are in business after the last tough year are here to buy,” he says. “They aren’t fooling around; they’re on a mission to replenish inventory and find new items.”

polynesianpartyA high-energy, lively Polynesian Party kicked off the Order ’til Eight evening, as exhibitors on Floor 6 of Building 2 and 2 WestWing welcomed buyers with luau party favors and tropical drinks and snacks. Buyers partied, danced in the halls and shopped into the evening. In both Buildings 1 and 2, exhibitors offered evening specials along with food, drinks and fun.167 162

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