Summer Brights in Atlanta


The start of the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market means showrooms filled with the brightest innovations in the industry – and this year is no exception. Buyers can’t help but notice all the striking colors taking center stage in both Gift & Home showrooms. Displays are attention-getting and bold. They draw the eye then draw the buyers inside – something any store can emulate.

One of the most important aspects of attending Market is getting ideas that will work back home. Take time to walk floors you don’t normally


shop.  Market is a wellspring of ideas to help better merchandise your store and implement creative new display ideas. Take notes. Ask if it’s ok to take pictures of displays you especially like. Most showrooms don’t mind as long as you ask first. Along with ordering product to sell, don’t neglect selecting pieces for display as well – if you can sell the displays as well, all the better. Remember to use all your space: walls, floors and ceilings. Don’t let “dead space” ruin a customers’ impression of your store. A bold coat of paint can work wonders.

For late summer, think orange, pink, yellow, lime, aqua and purple. Transition to deeper tones as fall approaches but don’t be afraid of bold color. Mix and match patternsstraydog and product lines – it will encourage your customers to do the same which drives add-on sales. Think deep and wide and high. Look at displays from all angles, not just the front; there’s a lot of space all the way around so take advantage.

kalalouAs you walk Market, take note of the color spectrum and determine ways to add bursts of color to your store. It will draw attention and drive sales.

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