Eco-Friendly in The Gardens

Getting back to basics doesn’t have to mean giving up the finer things in life. It means being creative and resourceful – and it also can be good for your pocketbook. Many AmericasMart exhibitors found new ways to repurpose and reuse existing elements and materials in innovative designs. Visit some of the newest members of Living. Outdoor/Indoor. ® The Gardens. ® on Floor 10 in Building 2 WestWing to personally see what’s new.

Imports Unlimited, located at 10-A-33, is a designer, manufacturer and importer of quality, uniquely designed, all-natural coir (woven coco-fiber) matand recycled rubber doormats. Their mats feature bright colors, classic designs and interesting graphics. There’s a mat for every personality and every occasion.

HomeStone Imports, located at 10-B-47 is a distributor of natural stone containers. Specialties include outdoor pots and fountains made from natural stone such as pebble pots, broken slate, marble tile and slate tile.

Ecosource Home & Garden, located at 10-B-61, specializes in pots and planters made from sustainable resources such as rice and bamboo. Check out gardenpotthe upscale chic biodegradable dinnerware (made to last five years) that’s food and dishwasher safe.

Great World Company, located at 10-A-34, offers whimsical, nature-inspired wind chime designs. Let the wind be your alternate source of entertainment

For more information , call 404-20-2030 or see any showroom manager on Floors 9 and 10 of Building 2 WestWing.

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