Atlanta Accessories Make the Outfit

Igarlandf it’s June, it’s accessory time in Atlanta. The June Atlanta Apparel Market traditionally means it’s stocking up on accessories and 2010 is no exception. Buyers are filling in with immediates as well as ordering for next season with an array of interesting pieces to drive add-on sales.

            For fall and winter, look to hats and richly colored leather bags as well as lighter fabrics and colors for winter resortwear. Accessories span the spectrum from ivory, deep navy and eggplant wool hats to diaphanous kaleidoscope patterned scarfs. Jewelry is both multi-layered and clean – depending on the outfit. Strands garlandnecklaceof pearls, beads, stones and links garner immediate attention while clean, almost spare metals are delicate without being dainty. Chains and metals pair with leather in everything from belts to bracelets to shoe ornaments. Pattern abounds from head to toe in myriad brights as well as traditional plaids.shoechain

            From shoes and shoe ornaments to belts to hair bands embellished with flowers and beading, accessories literally outfit head to toe and can build profit more quickly than anticipated. No matter what kind of customer frequents your store, there’s an accessory item to complete the outfit and the sale.


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