Building 2 WestWing Celebrates Second Summer Market, Strengthens Union with Building 2

IMG_7171 1 _100AmericasMart’s Building 2 WestWing is gearing up for its second summer show with new floor plans, category-specific events and seminars and an exclusive new Market Club location, all designed to strengthen its growing role as a must-see destination for buyers and further aligning its product centers with Building 2.

In Building 2 and 2 WestWing, the Gift and Home Accents collections unite to offer more than two million square feet of product rich in diversity, quality and opportunity. AmericasMart is showcasing this complete presentation by expanding the corridor on floor 6 in Building 2 to advance the visibility, accessibility and synergy between Building 2 and 2 WestWing. With this, several new showrooms on floor 6 in Building 2 will take new, enlivened spaces. Additionally, the Market Club, formerly on floor 9 in Building 2, will move to floor 6 in Building 2 WestWing, 684A/686A. The Market Club’s move creates a convenient buyer center and enhanced member program.

Read all the details and find out who the featured designer tastmakers are by clicking here.

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