Creating a Legendary Tablescape

The folks at A Legendary Event know how to create atmospheres to classemenhance any occasion – they’re experts. On Sunday of the Atlanta Spring Gift, Home Furnishings & Holiday Market, Jeanna Graham and Fleming Patterson wowed buyers with ways to use a variety of containers and floral supplies to create spectacular tablescapes.

From incorporating fresh fruit to Christmas ornaments to wide mesh ribbon to flowering branches, the duo demonstrated  multiple ways to use a variety of materials. Using one elementtallgreenemin a variety of ways in a display helps customers understand versatility which can drive a purchase since an item can be used more than one way. As example, they showed to take pine cone Christmas ornaments and use them as varied parts of multiple centerpieces. Wide wire mesh ribbon can be used as a table runner, a container wrap or an overlay to help guide and support fresh stems.

Creating height, depth and dimension ensures tablescapes are interesting tulipsemfrom all angles, not just the front. Use fabric, ribbon, grasses, candles, sticks and containers as layers to build vertical levels. Remember to work both up and out; a good arrangement moves in all directions. Incorporating different pieces also adds texture, which in turn creates another layer of interest.

Wreaths are multi-purpose – use them flat as a form to enclose candles and containers or cut them into semi-circles and use them to build upward curves. Flowering branches – real and quality artificial  – also work well to add dimension.

Adding holly, cut fruit, berries or any of a variety of other natural elements to glass containers not only helps hold stems in place, it adds visual interest to the container. Play around with a variety of materials. Some of the most citrusemunexpected things can end up being the extra touch that makes a table memorable. Try to think beyond traditional elements; or turn something a different way to give it another look.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to holiday tables. Try to create displays that showcase myriad ways to use an item. Also mix different product lines to show how they can complement each other. The more you can inspire your customers; the more excited they’ll be to create their own amazing tablescapes at home.

For more on Graham and Patterson, visit To find the products they used to demonstrate their ideas, visit the Holiday & Floral, Home Decor center at AmericasMart Atlanta – Building 1, Floors 16-10.

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