10 Things You Can Do Today to Build a Social Media Presence

Brent Beatty, Search and Social Media Marketing Strategist for What’s Up Interactive, provided an overview on Saturday of best practices to effectively grow your business through interactive channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. Through an interactive discussion, he offered examples of how businesses use Social Media and tangible steps you can take to begin engaging with prospects, partners and peers to build relationships and drive sales.

First, social media is a means to connect with and listen to your audience. Listening and analyzing perceptions enables you to create a tailored program instead of one based on preconceived perceptions of your customers. Once you’ve established a presence, use available tools to monitor the diaglogue and create a snapshot of your audience to ensure you’re sending the right messages to the right people. Doing so will help you create a well-thought out integrated program to reach consumers and deliver what they want and expect.

10 Immediate Steps

1. Create a professional online presence. Track! Google Analytics

2. Assess your needs and purpose. Define Success.

3. Narrow target audience.

4. Find professional blogs, personal interest blogs; follow closely.

5. Subscribe to relevant news feeds (Google Alerts, Google Reader, RSS).

6. Creat a Facebook Profile; set up a fan page, group or cause. Comment and share.

7. Join Twitter; create a follow and tweet strategy. Re-tweet, comment and make friends.

8. Subscribe to podcasts; comment and share.

9. Create LinkedIn profile and join relevant groups.

10. Start a blog; update it often and integrate all other social elements.

For more information about What’s Up, go to http://bit.ly/96dqjc . Remember to stay in touch with AmericasMart Atlanta during and between Markets by becoming a fan at Facebook.com/AmericasMartATL, following on Twitter at Twitter.com/AmericasMartATL and reading out blog at blog.americasmart.com

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