Guest Blogger Fleming Patterson Talks Year-Round Trends

044 A Legendary Cast IMG_25241Discovering trends is easier than you may think. Jeanna and I find trends in many of your everyday places. Our favorite places to uncover these trends are the fashion, bridal, living and architectural magazines found on the shelves of any bookstore.  In 2010 many people are looking for items that have a use in every season. A simple example is to use a cylindrical vase and decorate it with seasonal fair. During the Winter season fill it with artificial snow or holiday ornaments, Fall can be filled with  leaves, pine cones and even sticks, Summer can be filled with sand and shells and Spring with silk gerbera daisies and moss. With one vase and a little creativity you have taken care of all four seasons! A vase for all seasons isn’t the only “in” design for 2010.

Metallics are here to stay and we couldn’t be more excited! This trend can be seen through the ever popular mercury glass. Every bride is screaming for it. It brings in the “something old and something new” look that helps make the occasion timeless. Mercury glass comes in many finishes including gold which is definitely making a comeback. This particular finish itself brings back old memories and the remembrance of good times.

Apothecary glass vessels in varying heights and sizes create a very fresh look that is commonly used with candy bars or natural or silk terrariums.

Taper candles are very sleek and have been finding their way back into event design. The amount of light given off is just enough to enhance the gleaming moment that one may be watching. These candles can now be found in many colors and act as perfect accents to floral or table design.

These are only a few of this year’s trends and Jeanna and I are excited to show you how many of these design ideas can be created using many of the wonderful finds pulled from the shelves of the Atlanta AmericasMart. We look forward to sharing more of our design experience with you and helping you find your inner designer!

Please visit Jeanna Graham and Fleming Patterson of A Legendary Event discussing Bringing Decorative Taste to the Holiday Table
Sunday, March 21
Building 1, Floor 19, Room 19-A-23

Find out more details about their seminar and the March Market events here.

A Legendary Event  - 2010

One thought on “Guest Blogger Fleming Patterson Talks Year-Round Trends

  1. Wow, what wonderful suggestions. I love your blog and hope you will continue to share your newest design ideas. What magazines do your prefer the most of all? Also, do you ever draw ideas from opera, ballet, art shows? Again…what a great blog…

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