Happy Market Wednesday!

It’s Market Wednesday, and that means the floors are buzzing. Many showrooms in Buildings 1 and 2 mktwedsignoffer specials; in some cases, you just need to ask the showroom manager if they have any deals. Lowered minimums, free or discounted freight, floor samples for sale, Designer discounts, gifts with purchase, all kinds of great opportunities! Check out a list at bit.ly/9qp9Hq.

It’s a post-January/pre-March buying opportunity. Forget something? Now’s a chance to place an order. Or get even more of something you found in January that wowed your customers. Look for hidden gems you missed during big Market hubbub. It’s a great day to shop!

Exhibitors on Floor 11 of Building 1 decided to make the day a celebration of February and Valentine’s Day and their great customers in general by hosting The Pink Party. “Showrooms are serving pinkpartyrefreshments, many have specials and everyone is ready to see buyers!” says Ann O’Connor of Englishman’s Fine Furnishings.

There’s even complimentary daily parking for qualified registered buyers in the Spring Street garage with a same day qualifying invoice totaling at least $100 from a showroom in Building 1, 2 or 2WW.

Showroom specials. Free Parking. A Pink Party. What a GREAT Market Wednesday!

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