AMU Guest Blogger Peggy Johnson Spills on Survival Strategies

peggy-head-shot-medI often refer to a quote by Helen Keller’s teacher: 
“I came to teach, but I stayed to learn.”  That describes every class I have ever taught, every fashion show I have done….and more.  I have always found frontline decisions and experience to be the most valuable…along with sage advice from our sales reps…that give us insider tips on survival.  I always look forward to market to pull me up out of the fray of my  everyday retail life to re-focus in a beautiful and caring market atmosphere… reviewing the designer’s current offerings (while searching for some “new” to add to the mix). 

But something keeps us going.  It’s the smile of a satisfied customer who received rave reviews at last night’s reception for her company…or on her cruise. A “where did you get that gorgeous outfit?” goes a long way!

One of my current favorites from a forever customer while at the airport in LondonEngland….A very gentile English lady came up to me and said “Would it make you mad if I threw you down on the ground and snatched your jacket?  I just love it!”

Laura smiled and said “It probably would, so why don’t I just tell you where I got it.” You couldn’t make that one up!

Our survival strategies seminar covered many diverse directions gleaned over the years, including:

·          Fashion Show Production, made easy and profitable

·          Closet Makeovers

·          3 X 5 Wardrobe Plan

·          Packing Checklists for Planning Travel wardrobe (For men and women)

·          Conducting Fashion Seminars

·          Publicity opportunities you may not have realized were there.

·          Question and Answer portion

There is always more from where that came from. Find out here:

Peggy held a seminar at the Atlanta Apparel Market this past weekend.

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