T.J. Reid Offers Accessories Advice

reid2rPopular speaker and editor of Fashion Advantage Magazine T.J. Reid presented her insight into creating an advertising and promotions plan for 2010 to buyers at the January Atlanta Apparel Market.

Reid covered topics ranging from the basics of advertising and promotion to ideas for year-round in-store activities to draw buyers into your store. From how much to spend to where to spend to who to reach, Reid offered advice on all types of advertising, signage, direct mail, sponsorships, newsletters, etc. Tips included understand your objective, knowing your customer, creating an image, establishing a theme, developing a time line and mining potential resources.

She explained the benefits of various forms of promotion and even offered examples of “holidays” throughout the year to use as building blocks to drive reid4rstore traffic.

Bottom line is understanding your customers and the best way to reach them. The best method depends on your store personality. Have a plan, then build on what you are and what matters to your target audience.

For additional information, go to Reid’s Web site: www.tjreid.com.

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