Difference is in the Details

Throughout the January Atlanta Apparel Market, one thing stand out – detailing. Casual to contemporary, special occasion to betterwear, across categories and price points, various forms of visual interest abound.


Interesting dimensional elements of sweaters give the appearance of layers in a single piece. Or new knitted options give customers a sweater option beyond traditional.


Embroidery has been around for ages, but its even more interesting with bold placement and creative designs. It’s almost an rural chic look that’s anything but “country.” Instead conjures more Bohemian, more Gypsy – all with an urban edge.


Frayed edges, three-dimensional florals, pleated add-ons for necklines and shoulders. There’s nothing flat about these fashions. Each piece is almost enhanced with its own accessory simply though interesting elements. Look for pieces that offer something different, whether it’s a strap reminiscent of a folder hankerchief or layered fabrics. There are new options everywhere at Atlanta Apparel sure to excite your customers about shopping again.

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