Wrapping up Scarves


At the January 2010 Atlanta Apparel Market, accessories abound, but one item is in all types of showrooms – scarves. Both permanents and temps, womenswear and accessories exhibitors are showcasing their versatility.

A scarf can complete an outfit, lending an element of dimension and often a pop of pattern or color. An obvious for fall and winter, lighter fabrics and tempscarvercolors easily transition to spring and even summer. Just walking floors, it seems every fourth person is wearing some sort of wrap, either draped, twisted or loosely tied around the neck or waist.

Traditional apparel retailers, accessories boutiques, even gift shops can easily turn scarves. Darlene Robertson, owner of Darlene’s Boutique & Gift Shop in Alabama, swears by the idea, saying they are consistently one of her best selling items. In Atlanta, she’s reordering scarfcustomerrtrusted lines while looking for new options.

For sales advantage, display a group together to showcase the diversity, and make sure to incorporate a scarf into a mannequin outfit.

There are scarf options to suit any customer. While in Atlanta, find the right one for your store.

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