AMU Speaker Alison Ilg Tells how Social Networking is Another Opportunity for Connecting with Customers

AI HeadshotMore and more businesses are using social networking as communication tools. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are all great ways to tell your customers more about you, and your store and products. Social networks are also a way to create relationships with customers and give you another touch point.

But, where do you start? The best way to approach social media is to first determine which networks are your customers or potential customers using. Ask your customers if they have Facebook page and how they use it? What’s their Twitter name? What’s the last video they watched on YouTube?

You can also search their names on Facebook and topics on Twitter via Twitter Search.

Then, set up a plan and start using one network. For example, set up a Facebook fan page and use it to promote the same messaging you would promote via advertising or public relations efforts. Bring you and your store’s personality to Facebook with pictures, words and style. You can pre-plan your messaging a few months out. Provide tips and information your customers can use.

Have fun with it. Ask your customers if you can take a picture of them trying on the newest spring dress and post it online. They will tell their friends about it too. Or you  could encourage customers to take their own pictures and post it on their Facebok pages.

Go to Google or Bing and search topics you want to know more about. You’ll find articles, blogs, websites, free webinars and more about Facebook and other social networks. I’ve been in communications for 20 years and this is first time I’ve seen such an abundance of information and sharing. 

As I am writing this article I checked my Twitter account and found these two articles being promoted by social media people I follow. Look at  for tips for small businesses or look at for more tips.

Find out more from Alison at her AMU presentation at the Atlanta Apparel Market on Friday, January 22 at 10 a.m.

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