Brad Ford Delivers Blogging Inspiration

bradfordCelebrated interior designer Brad Ford shared his experience delving into the world of social media as a source of inspiration, leading to the wildly popular blog Blogs are about sharing information but building relationships is just as important. That requires communication and interaction.

He offered valuable insight into why designers blog as well as some basic advice on what’s worked for him. His down-to-earth advice includes:

  • Be first, be best or be different. Find your personality and let that shine through.
  • If you deliver on what people expect, they will pay attention and follow you.
  • Include hints, recipes, images – whatever you can that’s useful to your readers.
  • Offer resources through links. You’ll become a “go to” source, and you’ll reach more people through the links to your trusted resources.
  • Don’t use the blog just to self promote. Offer real information.
  • Leave comments on other sites you read and enjoy – and include your blog site in your signature.
  • Use all the tools that are available including Facebook and Twitter – and link between all your media to promote your blog. Twitter is quick and casual; Facebook is more personal; a blog can offer more indepth insights.
  • Keep content fresh to ensure there’s something new for readers each time they log on and look for you.

Ford never started out to be a blogger – it grew from his personal experiences and now drives his business. The same can happen for you, if you’re smart about your strategy and savvy enough to follow through.

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