WITHit Speaker Provides Insight on Social Network Success

MelissaG_082x-2The only way to ensure you don’t lose followers is to consistently provide quality content on your networks. The only confusing part is that means slightly different things on each network.  Here is a cheat list of content Do’s and Don’ts for the top three!

Twitter Do: Keep it upbeat, fresh, and relevant. Positive quotes are always welcome.
Twitter Don’t: Talk about the weather, your dinner, or share if you are bored.

Facebook Do: Make it more detailed about your activities, events, career, travels, and they love pics, after all it’s called FACEBOOK for a reason.
Facebook Don’t: Any inappropriate comments about sex, drinking, partying, and the like. They are okay with the weather and dinner if you must.

LinkedIN Do: This is about business, make it valuable, relevant, and include trends, current events, latest and hottest, best practices and such.
LinkedIN Don’t: Personal chit chat, weather, dinner, errands, junk.

Each post you make is a tiny snapshot into who you are. Think hard about that and you’ll find that you will be more careful in what you post. Consider that a new follower, friend or contact may or may not look hard at your profile, but rest assured they will look at your latest posts and maybe only the last one or two. Do those posts accurately reflect who you are and what you are about?  This is about defining your essence and continually putting your best self forward.

I’ve actually tracked follows and unfollowers in my Twitter account (not as easy to do on Facebook) and noticed that when I digress into a comment about just getting home, or going for a walk, even though I include it is a glorious day, I lose followers. It is mundane! We all have mundane parts to our lives so do you really want to share those? This is a unique opportunity to invite a more exciting interpretation of your life and showcase that to the world. Did you take your family to Disneyland? Or did you meet the most famous mouse in the world? Did you attend another industry conference, or can you share a nugget or two you gained from the conference that will make a difference to those reading it?

Think of social media as a way to mine for the gold of success in what we often see as an ordinary life. Each of us has extraordinary events, connections, and opportunity every day, it is in how we view it, share it, and interact with it.

Find out more from Melissa during her WITHit presentation at Market on Friday, Jan. 8 at 9 a.m.

Want more great business building tips and easy to implement social media success strategies? Check out www.todaybydesign.com. If you are looking for a social media speaker, consultant or coach, get in touch directly at melissa@melissagalt.com to learn what Melissa’s social media savvy and strategy can do for your business.

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