AMU Speakers Remind Retailers to ‘Not Chase, but Be Chased’

Steve Boodakian-loResSmall store. Big Store. Megastore. We all feel the pressure from our competition. How should we compete? The knee-jerk reaction is to lower our prices. When it comes to Oriental rugs, the best way is to take a lesson from a generation ago – make it job #1 to provide great service. That starts by becoming passionate for this art form, and getting educated and comfortable with answering customers’ questions about the rugs you sell.

You don’t need to become a scholar, although Oriental rugs are a fascinating study! What you need to do is learn all that goes into creating them. Take that simple step and you will unavoidably be awaked to the artistry and craft that goes into creating Oriental rugs of all types and qualities! You will become passionate about what you sell. Only then will you be able to instill those feelings in the hearts and minds of your clients and lead them to buy finer and more expensive rugs. And even better, buy them from you!Sy Mahfuz-loRes

The next step is to not only sell the rug but turn each customer into a customer for life. You do this by understanding what your real product is, making it unique, and working tirelessly to strengthen it.

If you pay attention and do it right, you will become the competition that everyone else chases!

Steve and Sy can be reached at

Be sure to attend their seminars during Market.

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