Every Market Day is a Holiday

There’s excitement all over the Holiday & Floral/Home Décor floors (Building 1, Floors 16-20) for January Market. Unique ornaments. Any size or shape tree you can imagine. Cherished collectibles. Stunning floral and greenery stems, pre-mades and containers. Stylish home accent pieces and candles. Ribbon and garlands. Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter – options abound for every season.

stockings1Beyond product selection, there are activities throughout the day on Market Friday and Saturday. Regency International and Joy to the World sponsor creative décor seminars on Friday while Sullivans and Winward International present creative holiday classes on Saturday. For complete info, check here. On Friday, buyers can spin the Cash Color Wheel, and the ever-popular Stocking Extravaganza with gift and deals from participating showrooms returns on Saturday afternoon. And, Jane Seymjseymourour will make a special appearance to promote her new holiday line on Saturday.

From brand new lines to trusted partners moving and growing, the 2010 collections aren’t to be missed.

New Exhibitors

Christmas by Krebs                               20-D-4

Creative Connection, The                        18-A-6

ESC Trading Company                            20-C-1

Flora Bunda, Inc.                                     19-E-13

Home Kreations by KK, Inc.                    19-D-4

Tom Floral, Inc.                                        17-A-8

G. Debrekht Artistic Studios                     20-A-12A

Thomas Home Decors & Beyond, LLC     18-E-23

Appelman Schauben & Company              18-C-1




A & B Florist Supply Company                16-C-9, 15

Christopher Radko                                   18-E-20

Designs Combined, Inc.                          19-A-14, 16

Fantastic Craft                                          18-A-15

Floral Treasure                                         18-C-3

Galt International Company, Inc.              19-A-10

Gold Eagle                                              18-D-10; E-6

Jim Marvin Enterprises Ltd., Inc.              18-D-2, E-18

Lincoln Imports Ltd., Inc.                        18-A-14, 18

Maxsilk, Inc.                                            19-E-15

Midwest – CBK                                        16-A-7; E-21

RAZ Imports, Inc.                                   18-C-15

Season Flower International, Inc.      19-A-7

Signature Piece                                     19-D-2

TJ Collection                                          16-A-16

Transpac, Inc.                                        19-D-10

Winward International                             17-D-2; E-18

California Floral                                      19-A-15

Katherine’s Collection                             18-D-7, 9, 11.

Holiday Image / Holiday Pro                    17-C-14.

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