Holiday Must-Haves From Kurt S. Adler

Every holiday season brings new surprises. Since 1946, Kurt S. Adler has come up with ways to bring unique, interesting decorations to customers’ Christmas celebrations. For the coming season, here are some of our favorites that we think will be favorites of your customers too.

C1027Hollywood Nutcrackers™– Hollywood Nutcrackers™ is a collection of whimsical nutcrackers that are designed by renowned artist Holly Adler. The Christmas Hollywood Nutcrackers™ are adorned with everything we love about the holiday.  Red and white candies decorate their coats, mischievous snowmen peak out from their hats, and each nutcracker brings with him the feeling of Christmas cheer.

Steinbach– The name Steinbach is recognized all over the world for its unique design of C0032hand-carved, wood masterpieces.  Remaining a family company for many generations, the current manager of the Steinbach Company is Karla Steinbach.  Under Karla, the Steinbach Company has continued the tradition of creating hand-carved Steinbach German nutcrackers that become highly treasured collectible pieces.  In recent years, we’ve seen more young people attending Steinbach events, continuing the family tradition of collecting nutcrackers.

Gingerbread– Gingerbread has been a great category this year; both D0655nutcrackers and ornaments are doing well.

Plaques- Assorted porcelain plaques featuring cute holiday sayings as well as a number of inspirational plaques offer a variety of gift options.

Mini trees- Mini trees in novelty colors and designs make great décor pieces. These trees differ from the traditional to add a creative twist to holiday decor.

Baby’s 1stThis is always a great category, especially the personalization ornaments, since it creates a family memento.W7595

Novelty Lights– Novelty lights are always a favorite, and this year we see an increase in grape lights and wine products overall.  Wine has been a surprisingly well-selling category this year.

J4768Pets- Dog and cat owners always love ornaments and gifts that represent the furry friends.

Snowfall Lights- No matter the weather, these lights are used both indoors and out to create the illusion of snow.

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