Opportunities are Knocking – and Ringing

healygardensFirst impressions matter, whether it’s a person or a home. One of the recent additions to Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens. ® offers product options to ensure your customers make a statement from the moment visitors approach their homes. Door knockers, doorbell ringers and wall plaques crafted of nickel, bronze and brass at the Michael Healy Designs showroom on Floor 10 of Building 2 WestWing are both distinctive and functional.

The intricate designs add charm to a front door or a garden patio. From healygardens2butterflies to bulldogs and starfish to sunflowers, options for door knockers and doorbells range come in a variety of sizes, finishes and motifs. Address plaques are brightly colored or simple and elegant, depending on your style.

“First Impressions are made at the front door. For designers, any of these pieces would make a perfect thank-you gift for clients,” says showroom manager Sandra Terry.

For more information, please call The Gardens® help line at 404-220-2030 or see any showroom manager on the Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens. ® floors.

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