See who’s here in Accessories, Shoes and Personal Care this October

ethandmerWith the October Market approaching, we are getting more and more great lines for Shoes/Accessories/Personal Care & Spa. In Accessories, you must check out Clay Cox’s line Rain—this has been a sellout! Suzy Shaw Berardo has Ollipop rings again, and these are flying off the shelves. Don’t forget to stop by our senior exhibitors, Susan Shaw, Sue Cox, Ethel & Myrtle, Anthony Alexander, Artistic Expressions and Bonnie Leigh Accessories, who have been here 10-15 years.

October will also have some great new accessory additions including: Amo by Amanda, Golden Triangle, Buddha Happy, Pretty Persuasions, VSA Accessories, Barrett House, Caro’s Jewelry, Cheng’s Boutique, Seasons Jewelry, Jamie Lynn Designs, Josephine in Vegas, Major Fashion, Magic Scarf, Meda Import Export, Nakamol, Nikita Lynn Designs and Nima Accessories. ethandmer1

As for our Shoe category, we have a fabulous lineup as well. October shoe lines include: Frye, Poetic License, Naughty Monkey, Sam Edelman, Bronx & Diba, Marc Joseph, Zigi NY, Restricted, Volatile, Fergie, Sugar, Yellowbox, Rampage, Bongo, Olem, Mukluk, Jack Rogers, and Alegria and many more.

Additionally, we have a small Personal Care & Spa category, including Izabella and Poo Pouri.

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