Guest blogger Emilie Whitaker talks about “fitting every size”

shapeeventWhen I tell women that I own a designer jeans company, countless women respond with the same statement. “I bet you don’t have jeans that will fit me!” And I love to respond with, “Oh yes we do.” I am always confident in responding this way because I have fit so many women in our jeans and I know that our jeans are designed for real women. But I am also always somewhat troubled by the fact that so many women consider their bodies “unable to fit.” 

Since we started Beija-Flor we’ve probably fit thousands of women in our jeans, each with their own story, which has been invaluable in helping us develop and design our collection. I’ve done Beija-Flor events at boutiques, in women’s homes, in salons, and even at workplaces. Women are always very honest with us on their feedback about the jeans and their issues with fashion in general. I used to tell people that in these scenarios women spoke with me almost as if I was their doctor, open and honest, which made for some very funny conversations, but also made me realize how many women out there struggle with their body image, and natural shape.

This realization inspired us to sponsor the Shape Event at the Atlanta Apaprel. And the first person we thought of to speak at the event was Mary Ann Sudnick, one of our retailers, and a truly inspirational woman who specializes in image consulting and proportional profiling. Mary Ann has seen the fashion industry from all angles, as a buyer for Macys in New York, a successful retailer, and a certified image consultant. She has a gift in fitting and styling women of all body shapes and personal styles. 

We are so excited to share her knowledge and expertise with the Atlanta Apparel buyers, and hope that they can spread this new mentality to their customers across the Southeast. As former retailers ourselves, we know how important store owners can be to their customers and how wearing the right clothes can make a huge difference in how we all feel. We hope to reshape how we look at body type, fashion, and retail. 

Stop by The Shape Event: Reshaping how we look at body type, fashion and retail, taking place on Saturday at 3 p.m. on Floor 9, NE Quadrant.

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