Stay Trendy and Fashionable–all at the right price!

youngessenceToday’s consumers are much more price conscious than in the past, but still want to stay trendy and fashionable with their wardrobe. And, if you shop the right lines, you’ll be able to make this happen.

The hottest and most popular Young Contemporary (YC) lines are at Atlanta Apparel. From the west coast and across the nation, these hot lines have arrived to expand their businesses and open accounts with southeast boutiques and specialty stores.

The 3rd floor YC section at Atlanta Apparel is the perfect destination to find these collections. Some newer additions to the floor are XOXO, Monoreno, Freeway, Esley, and Survival. Some of our key players–including Wish Collection, Funky People, YA, Kitty, Yahada, Young Essence, Seamlessland and Classique-will be showing the season’s hottest looks.

The success and popularity of the Young Contemporary category has the fashion industry buzzing about the Atlanta Apparel tradeshows. Don’t miss out! Check out a complete listing of the YC lines here.


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