Tips for Sales Sucess in Today’s Retail Environment

melissa-haberstroh1Experienced retailer Melissa Haberstroh had audience members taking detailed notes earlier today as she discussed strategies for sustainable sales in her AmericasMart University seminar “Doing Business in the New Norm.”


Haberstroh stressed the importance of creating a signature style for your store, including a distinctive name and logo, in order to stand out against the competition. Those “branding” tools should be used consistently in all marketing pieces, in-store signage and packaging to forge an identity, making it memorable for customers so they’ll keep coming back for more. Your brand should also clearly reflect the mood of your store and the type of product you offer.


Haberstroh also discussed the crucial role customer service plays in building and maintaining sales. She suggested reminding employees often that they are ambassadors of the store and are responsible for staying true to the brand promise. Consumers have plenty of shopping options; if they have a bad experience at one store, they can simply take their business elsewhere. So make sure every customer leaves your store satisfied.


The tips kept coming and the question and answer period became an interactive forum for retailers to compare experiences and gather advice. If you missed out on today’s AmericasMart University seminars, be sure to check out the full lineup of informative seminars on Saturday and Sunday.


Melissa Haberstroh is president and majority owner of The Burlap Horse, an inviting retail showroom for antique and heirloom furnishings and accessories.

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