Plenty to See on the HOME Floors

Walking the Home floors of the July Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market on Thursday offered a feast for the eyes as well as product options to suit any target consumer. Whether buying for a multi-store chain, a small independent store or a diverse shop that offers both home and gift items, there are options to suit every taste and price consideration in both furniture and home accent pieces.


Dimensional pillows are a fun, interesting accessory item artfully placed in several showrooms. Felt, linen and canvas are some of the fabrics well-suited to creating the 3-D designs. While some use multiple colors, most rely on texture to create the visual and tactile interest.

Fine, raw linen and even burlap are being shown on diverse frames ranging frombarreveld-sofa1 basic to elegant to traditional to contemporary. Usually shown in natural hues or grayed tones, the fabric offers an interesting contrast to a variety of washed, painted or polished woods. These pieces provide a perfect background to show off interesting accent pieces with pops of color. Or, they work well for an almost monochromatic tonal environment that’s booth calm and interesting.

gjflagOne look prominent at the European shows is starting to show up in Atlanta collections as well. Not always just traditional Americana, the flag motif works with upholstery, case goods and accessories to create colorful comfort pieces.

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