Day One Marks a Great Start

A Crowded OneCoast Showroom

A Crowded OneCoast Showroom

The July Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market is off to a promising start. It’s only Day One but the buyers are in Atlanta, and they aren’t just looking – they’re writing orders. Many say they’re walking floors early in the day, then hitting their scheduled appointments in the afternoon.

Must-have items on many lists include:  reused, recycled and green products; moderately priced impulse buys; retro chic nostalgic pieces and small pre-packaged gifts.

Travel mugs and cups are everywhere – almost every gift showroom has at least one line. Whether adorned with a monogram, collegiate logo, witty saying or just brightly colored, buyers should be able to find a style to suit any target customer. One retailer from Kentucky says she plans to use travel cups to promote sales for a gourmet coffee line she just picked up for her store. What a great idea for cross-selling! Stay tuned; I’m sure there will be many more good ideas to come in the next week!

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