Licensed to Sell

college-licensedLicensed to Sell

Worldwide retail sales of licensed merchandise approached $200 billion last year. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should carry licensed product in your store:

  • Licensed products evoke emotion, especially when it comes to sports-related merchandise. And team loyalties don’t waiver with economic shifts.
  • Licensed products hold their value. Licensors are particular about which products bear their name. For example, Priscilla Presley’s protective stance on the usage of her late husband’s image has helped stabilize the perceived value of goods bearing Elvis’ likeness.
  • Licensed products make your store a destination. Once consumers know you have a selection of gifts and décor branded with their team’s logo or their favorite character’s image, they tend to remember and come back for more.

You can find licenced products in the Market Temporaries on Floor 4 in Building 2 WestWing and in permanent showrooms throughout the AmericasMart campus. For more information on selling licensed merchandise, visit the Collegiate Licensing Company or License! Global magazine.

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