New Dates for Atlanta Apparel!

apparel3As you may or may not know, Atlanta Apparel has a fresh, new day pattern starting in August.

Market will now run Thursday-Monday with permanents opening on Thursday and temporary exhibits opening on Friday. Here are the August dates:

 August Permanent Showrooms:  August 20-24, 2009 (Thursday-Monday)

 August Temporary Exhibits: August 21-24, 2009 (Friday-Monday)
(Special Occasion Temporaries on the 5th Floor open on Thursday)

 Remaining 2009 and 2010 dates:

October 15-19, 2009 (temporary exhibits: October 16-19, 2009)

January 21-25, 2010 (temporary exhibits: January 22-25, 2010)

April 8-12, 2010 (temporary exhibits: April 9-12, 2010)

*June 10-13, 2010 (temporary exhibits: June 11-13, 2010)

August 19-23, 2010 (temporary exhibits: August 20-23, 2010)

*The June Market Dates remain a four-day pattern.

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