Find Incomparable Outdoor/Indoor Product in an Unmatched Setting

gardens3Living. Outdoor / Indoor.® The Gardens.® continues to be the product center that redefined and re-established the meaning of casual, elegant at-home living is again the center of attention in Building 2 WestWing on Floors 9 and 10 this July. It’s full of the industry’s finest and highest quality lifestyle merchandise whether you’re looking for a centerpiece fountain, the perfect planter or a comfy outdoor seating group. You can even find artwork and lighting specifically designed for outdoors or accessories to make the most basic patio feel like a magazine living room.

It’s unlike any other market center area in the country – a respite from traditional showrooms and temp spaces. Connected by a two-story waterfall, the floors showcase stunning product and distinctive accents that are as creative as the setting. Filled with winding pathways and artistic lighting, the whole area captures the natural spirit of its product mix.

gardensThe industry’s leading gardens and casual lifestyle companies showcase their product throughout the open-air environment. Plus there are plenty of fun, free events during Market, including:

  • A Southern Supper in the Gardens brought to you by Casual Living & Home Accents Today featuring delicious flavors of Low Country cuisine along with complimentary wine.
  • The GREAT GRILL GIVEAWAY where retailers can win an incredible Island Grill Entertainment Center with Refrigerator by Atlanta Leisure Concepts.
  • Casual Living & Home Accents Today also bring you Garden Gourmet Coffee & Cookies on Saturday and Sunday afternoons of Market for a relaxing break in the day.

2 thoughts on “Find Incomparable Outdoor/Indoor Product in an Unmatched Setting

  1. Oh how I wish you would post a "Virtual Walk Through the Market" so that, once home (or for those unable to attend), products that slipped by our conscious mind can be noted and found at a later date by location on Market maps.

  2. If you can only go to one market, this is the one to go to. Atlanta has just about everything any retailer or designer could ever need.

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