Tips for Success in the Temporaries

Are you planning to exhibit in the Temporaries? It’s the perfect time to start your pre-market planning! Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Plan your booth
Before you arrive at Market, you’ll need to plan your booth and decide how you are going to display your products, especially if you’re new to Markets. Remember to order display components such as tables, shelving, curtains and table linens well in advance. Review the floor plan and your booth space so you can anticipate and plan ahead for any columns, electrical boxes and height restrictions. It’s a smart idea to test your booth layout in your warehouse or garage to decide on the most attractive and efficient placements.
floor plan2. Invite your buyers
Don’t rely solely on walk-up business; advertise and promote yourself leading up to Market, letting buyers know where to find you. Be sure to include show dates, your booth number and any special offers in your promotional materials.
ad3. Pack your products
Organize and label everything for easier unloading at Market.
crate4. Ship your crates…early!
Ship early and use AmericasMart Logistics to get free storage and delivery to Market.
logistics truck
Looking for more tips from experienced exhibitors? Click here to view our helpful videos.

Ready for Kickoff: Game Day Looks


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Shopping for fall in the South and beyond isn’t complete without stocking up on your game day fashions. Football fans used to search high and low for outfits in their teams’ colors, but more and more designers are listening to their … Continue reading

Tribal Influence


Pattern and embellishment certainly isn’t new to fashion. Neither are native and tribal prints. But fresh interpretations revise and revamp the concept for the coming season. New looks are all over the floors of Atlanta Apparel this April.

In homage to a bigger trend concept of the influence of lineage and personal history, designers looked to native textiles and art for inspiration. From sequins to embroidery to overall prints to oversized and small scale, versions of tribal looks are on myriad pieces across segments and price points. Almost any retailer should be able to find a version that will work for her customer to stay on top of the trend curve.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the standouts from the Young Contemporary collections.

Young Threads

Young Threads



Timing Lumiere

Timing Lumiere

On Twelfth

On Twelfth

Flying Tomato

Flying Tomato

By Together

By Together




Market Tips From Tony Bowls

Tony Bowls speaker at AmericasMartThe VISION social occasion Market kicks off tomorrow. In preparation for this spectacular fashion event, widely successful prom dress designer Tony Bowls has shared his tips for a successful Market experience.

MAKE A PLAN. Decide what you want to accomplish at the Market and share it with your team.This will help you manage their expectations and get more done.

MAKE APPOINTMENTS. Set up a time to meet with your rep in the showroom. If they know you are coming, they will be better prepared to give you their undivided attention and show you looks that are curated for your store.

TAKE THE TIME TO SEE THE WHOLE LINE. Coming to Market allows you to see more of the collection than you can see with traveling reps or online. Seeing a gown on a model or a mannequin can change its whole look.

Tony Bowls Fashion Show at Mon Cheri Showroom At AmericasMartATTEND THE FASHION SHOWS. There is nothing like seeing how a gown moves in person. In addition to the VISION fashion show on Wednesday, April 2 at 6:30 p.m., attend in-showroom shows and presentations.

EDUCATE YOURSELF. Use the Market’s educational opportunities to learn tips for growing your business. Atlanta Apparel presents a great speakers’ series – including industry experts like me – that is completely free of charge. I give the VISION Market’s keynote presentation “Retail Success from a Designer’s Perspective” on Wednesday, April 2 at 8:00 a.m. The whole list of Market events and speakers is available at

SHOP OTHER CATEGORIES. It may be tempting to spend your whole market on the social occasion floors, but make time to explore the rest of Atlanta Apparel’s expansive collection. The April Atlanta Apparel Market’s overlap with the VISION market on April 3 allows you to see its complete showroom and temporary collection of apparel, accessories, jewelry, shoes, swimwear, activewear and intimates. Exploring the collection will keep you up to date on ready-to-wear trends and you may find pieces to supplement your social occasion offerings.

USE AMERICASMART AS A RESOURCE. Want to book a hotel for the next market? Looking for a place to have lunch or dinner? Need to find a particular line? The AmericasMart staff is always willing to help. Look for help desks next to the elevators or visit for all of the information that you need.

The new AmericasMart app, available on in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, is also a great resource. Use it to discover new and existing exhibitors, categories and lines and make note of Market events and promotions. On the app you can browse exhibitors by floor map or in a list, record favorite finds, and plan, organize and manage Market details to optimize your visit.

HAVE FUN. Take advantage of networking and social events to get to know your fellow social occasion retailers and celebrate our special industry.


Social Occasion Trends for 2014


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The VISION social occasion market (April 1-3) will be here before we know it. In preparation for the Market, we have compiled the top social occasion trends that we’re expecting to see on the runways. WAIST DEFINING The feminine form … Continue reading

Here Comes Peter Cottontail – Check His Wallet!

By T.J. Reid, Editor of Fashion Advantage 

TJ ReedThis year’s late Easter will keep all retailers waiting on edge to see if the extra time will bring a larger basket of bucks.  Spring will already be sprung, and certain early season apparel groups almost headed for the sale racks. Start promoting those summer brights and early pastels on arrival; can’t wait for the bunny.

But never fear, consumers are on schedule to spend $17.2 billion dollars before the April 20th holiday.  Although a large bundle of that is for food, decorations and candy, there is still a sizable figure making its way into the Mom and Pop local stores.

National Retail Federation figures say 25.4 percent of shoppers will spend $3 billion on clothing, $2 billion on chocolates and candy, and $2 billion on gifts and greeting cards.  Over 80 percent of all Americans will participate in Easter, an average of $145 each.  Surprisingly, men will spend 17 percent more than women, although at all other times of the year, women outspend them.  Let’s hope they’re spending it in apparel stores, buying jewelry, clothing and gift cards for their significant others. (Offer Chocolate bunnies with each gift card! No girl can pass on that.)

easter 2014, gifts for easter, gifts for easter 2014, selling easterFirst we have to get them in the store. I don’t think price is the answer, because most shoppers will be waiting till close to the date, which always means they are rushed and not caring about the cost, just the time and ease of selection.  I suggest fun events and promotions to attract their attention and creative a festive atmosphere to encourage participation and spending.

In my book, “What Mother Never Told Ya About Promotions”, there are details about “Egg-citing” and also ‘Basket of Savings,” both which are easy, simple and inexpensive to do.

Basket of Savings is placing an Easter basket filled with plastic eggs, the ones that can be filled with candies or other goodies, near the check-out counter or even at the front door.  Inside each one, put a discount number, beginning at 15 percent up to 50percent, and ask customer to “pick an egg.”  You can do this, at the register after they have finished shopping before they check out, or you can allow them to choose on arrival so they already know how much discount they have to use.

I personally feel the latter usually encourages more spending, but some retailers prefer the surprise at the end.  Either way, use the chart in my book to determine discount amounts and numbers, such as in a total of 100 numbers, you have one 50 percent, 5 at 40 percent, 10 at 30 percent, 20 at 20 percent, and finally the balance at 15 percent.  Never go as low as 10 percent, it will make no impression on the customers, and almost make the contest seem unimportant and cheap. When sales figures are totaled, I promise those discount contest markdowns will still be profitable, and fun!

easter 2014, gifts for easter, gifts for easter 2014, selling easter“Egg-citing” is a catch phrase for whatever you want to do.  Some stores have actual Easter egg hunts in the store, placing prizes in pockets and purses, etc.  and offering hints throughout the store from dressing rooms to checkout. Many have coloring contests for the local kindergarten and use pictures as wall display – family members flock in to see their young artists on display.  Use your imagination.  Just do something!

Take the opportunity to post some of the activity  in pictures on your Facebook page as it is happens. Share the fun and friends will want to come join in. Again, don’t forget the chocolate eggs, and why not add some bunny ears on the staff?

To learn more about this and other promotional ideas, you can attend my workshop, “Planning Special Events – How-Do, How Much, When and Why” on Saturday, April 5, on AmericasMart Building 3 Floor 8 during the upcoming April Atlanta Apparel Market.  And LIKE Fashion Advantage on Facebook.  I try to post on a regular basis with new creative ways to help you entertain and reward your customers.

T.J. Reid is editor of Fashion Advantage magazine, and author of several books on successful retailing. For more information about her, please visit

Sheer Indulgence for Spring Styles


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The spring and summer seasons blossomed at the Atlanta Apparel Market Jan 30-Feb. 3, 2014. What’s the hottest look in the showrooms and temp booths? Lace and more lace. It’s an inlay, an overlay and an a trim as well … Continue reading

Fashion, Facts & Figures from T.J. Reid

By T.J. Reid, Editor of Fashion Advantage 

TJ ReedThere are some good statistics still out there about this season:

Forty-four percent of our shoppers say they buy for 10 or more people.  Sixteen percent for seven to nine people, 29 percent for four to six and only 11 percent have one to three on their shopping list. Hope that 44 percent is just beginning and they are all finding their way to your store!

Thirty-two percent of our shoppers are paying cash, as opposed to 46 percent of cash customers in 2010.

And here’s a figure for you:

Total Gift Card Spending to Reach Estimated $25 Billion. According to NRF’s 2010 Gift Card Consumer survey, conducted by BIGresearch, Americans will spend an average of $145.61 on gift cards, up from $139.91 last year. Total gift card spending is expected to reach $24.78 billion.* NRF’s first holiday survey, released last month, found that gift cards remain the most requested holiday gift, marking the fourth year in a row gift cards have topped consumers’ wish lists.

Because three out of five people will receive gift cards, the total per person is $156.00.

I also find it interesting that survey said only 30 percent would spend the card within 30 days, so this is the gift that keeps on giving. And amazing $1.8 BILLION go unused!

Yes, the average person will not spend $15 of their gift card money; either because they lost it or forgot it before time ran out.  Because they haven’t actually spent their own money to buy it, it lacks the importance of actual cash in the pocket. But 80 percent of those who do use their cards, spent more than the card amount.  Again because it was not their money in the first place, so they feel free to add to.

The bottom line here: SELL GIFT CARDS!

T.J. Reid is editor of Fashion Advantage magazine, and author of several books on successful retailing.  She presents M & M’s – Marketing & Merchandising to Create a ‘Sweet’ Profit” with lessons on enticing the customer through display, advertising, social media and word of mouth, and creating engaging events and invites with a special emphasis on the Valentine’s Day sales period on Saturday, February 1 at 10 a.m. at the January Atlanta Apparel Market.

Ghouls and Ghosts Can Mean Money

By T.J. Reid, Editor of Fashion Advantage 

ming wang 257The first days of October have brought cooler weather across the country. Driving through my rural southern area, I already see the Halloween flags; the pumpkins and straw scarecrow decorations out in celebration in my neighborhood. My friends love the spooktacular holiday, and can’t resist participating in the fun of costume, decorations, and candy corn. (And there is no scarcity of trick-or-tweet sweet goodies already on the shelves.  Unfortunately, It is also being purchased and eaten now, long before the kids show up at the door!)

According to NRF’s Halloween Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, nearly 158 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities, slightly less than the survey high of 170 million people last year. Those celebrating will also trim their budgets, with the average person expected to spend $75.03 on décor, costumes, candy and fun, down from $79.82 last year. BUT Overall, average spending on Halloween has increased 54.7 percent since 2005, with total spending estimated to reach $6.9 billion in 2013.*
Since 43.6 percent of people plan to dress up for the evening, money will be flowing for both children and their adult counterparts and even the family pooch.  Totals for adult costumes will reach 1.04 billion dollars, and $330 millions will be spent on outfits for pets!

Although some shoppers have already begun (32% before the end of September), there are still lots of folks out there searching for just the right thing; 36% won’t event start until the last 10 days prior to the big day.  It is estimated for the entire holiday, shoppers will spend $2.08 billion on candy and $360 million on greeting cards.

Whether you are a children’s store, a gourmet store, or even just a ladies apparel shop, there are so many ways for you to participate and profit from this holiday! Why not offer a discount to anyone who shows up in costume? Offer a prize (a small gift certificate) for the best costume.  Then, Even after the day, have them bring in their Halloween photos for your bulletin board and have customers vote on the best, the scariest, the weirdest. It’s November by then and your Christmas is out!  Make them look.

I used to dress up as a witch – long black wig, pointed hat, tattered dress, white make-up with even the warts added.  Shoppers came by just to see, but also have their picture made with the witch. It was more fun that photos with Santa and the ladies participated, not just the kids!  On the counter I had a basket of tiny pumpkins and a promotion called “Pick a Pumpkin.”   Each pumpkin had a discount on the bottom (sort of like pick-a-duck at the county fair), and shoppers loved the surprise of an extra bargain. And I was then acknowledged as the “Good Witch of the South!”

T.J. Reid is editor of Fashion Advantage magazine, and author of several books on successful retailing.  She presentsBe Your Own Publicist” with a lesson on creating an effective advertising and promotional campaign on Saturday, October 19 at 10 a.m. at the October Atlanta Apparel Market.

(*The survey discussed above was conducted for NRF by Prosper Insights & Analytics. The poll of 5,290 consumers was conducted September 3-10, 2013. The consumer poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.3 percentage points. )

Trend Tracking: IBT Storm hits the Atlanta Apparel Market

By BeBe Benjamin of Nappy Model Inc.

BeBe BenjaminStorms generally move from west to east and it’s no different in this season’s fashion arena.  The IBT (Itty Bitty Tank) storm that flooded Nappy Model Inc. earlier this summer reigned at the Atlanta Apparel market in August with accessory clouds blowing sprays of color while drenching the runway.  The fashion radar had indicated that IBT’s would burst on the ATL scene and models proved the forecast to be accurate.  They were showered with tanks of intense colors designed by Judy P Apparel combined with jewelry, hats, and purses showcased by Emerging Designers.

Lightning struck more than once in the same place with a jewelry line by Amy Carlino of My Amy Lou.  Angela Kang of Queen Kang kept raindrops falling on their heads with her stylish veiled headwear.  Under the umbrella of eco-friendly materials stood elegant designs by Vella Mode and models managed to weather the IBT storm by strapping on custom leather handbags by Naomi Lingle of Zee Designs.

My Amy Lou Queen Kang Vella Mode Zee Designs

For up to the minute, reliable fashion outlooks, stay tuned to Nappy Model trend trackers:  BeBe and Loris at