Looking Back: Bridal Trends at the 2013 VOW | New World of Bridal Market

As we prepare for the upcoming VOW | New World of Bridal Market (September 16-18, 2014) take a look back at these bridal trends from our 2013 Market.

Many designers took inspiration from the 1920s with lace details, a sweetheart or plunging neckline and long trains.

 floral wedding dress          lace wedding dress

Floral embellishments, a huge trend in ready-to-wear apparel also made an appearance in the bridal collections. On the gown they give ample opportunity to incorporate color schemes. A popular color choice has been coral for bridesmaid dresses and florals.

Flowers with wedding dress          bridesmaid dress with florals

The dress shape that seemed to outshine the rest was the trumpet. The fun skirt flair adds an exciting surprise to the bottom of the gown that draws attention to the eye. It was seen on lace, satin, and beaded gowns.

AWH_PHOTO-9290         AWH_PHOTO-9294 AWH_PHOTO-9320

What trends do you think you’ll see on the runway this September?


Professional Collective photo 3VOW | The New World of Bridal is almost here! For the third year, AmericasMart’s comprehensive bridal market brings the top lines in the industry together in one spectacular event, September 16-18, 2014.

While you’re here, don’t miss The Collective on Floor 12. Hugging the atrium curve, The Collective is a select group of temporary exhibitors featuring fashion accessories, veils, shoes handbags, social occasion apparel, retail resources and services.

Here are some of the lines you’ll find in The Collective:

Alex Evenings
Bella Cole Creations
Bridal Live Software
Carrafina Camo
Carrafina Maids
Carrafina Private Collection Bridal
Cary Lowe and Associates 
Chetta B
Emma Street
House of Lovely
Kay Unger
Rosebud Fashions
Wedding Gown Preservation Co.

Cheers to VOW
Join us for a glass of crisp wine on Tuesday, September 16 at 3 p.m. in The Collective.

Knit One, Buy Two – or Three: Retro Sweaters Rock Fall

If you feel like you’re looking at a time warp of the 1970s this fall, you’re almost right. Knits – chunky and smooth – in nostalgic prints take on new life with modern colors and fabrics. Myriad sweaters graced the runways during the August 2014 Atlanta Apparel Market, providing cuts and lengths to fit any size customer.

sweetsinnamon2 sweetsinnamon sweetsinamon3

Shawl collars and wraps. Long and short vests. Sweaters mixed with cotton and denim. There’s a wealth of possibilities for layering and single wear.

pol_2 pol pol_3


Smooth knits, waffle weaves, intricate needlework, fringe create fabulous textures in cottons, wools and silks. Detailing such as toggles, metal clips, leather accents and fun buttons add distinct touches to already creative, interesting pieces.

freeway3 freeway2 freeway

The revamped vintage looks appeal to consumers of all ages. Teens embrace the retro looks while more mature ladies love being both comfortable and stylish. Check out all the contemporary versions of the classics at Atlanta Apparel.

blupepper3 blupepper2 blupepper

Little Ones Show Off Big Style in Children’s World

The small set took to the runway to show off their style on the Children’s World fashion show at the August 2014 Atlanta Apparel Market with a range of looks and lines.

Fresh retro and modern vintage are the keys for kids for the coming season. There will be something for every tot and teen with electric color, dark drama, nautical influence and rustic forklore inspiration. Embellishment and lace along with multi-patterned layers are prominent. But traditional styles patterned after the grown-ups also are still popular. 

Moms, tots, tweens and teens will be able to find styles to suit everyone with options ranging from bold and bright to traditional and subtle. Find it all on Floor 13 of the Atlanta Apparel Market.

photo-72 copy

Legal Strategy Session: Making the Right Choice


By: Angie Avard Turner, Esq.

DISCLAIMER::::The materials available in this article are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Use of and access to this Web site or any of the e-mail links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between Angie Avard Turner Law and the user or browser.

An integral part of having a successful business is continuing to educate yourself on various issues. However, when you reach a point where you still are unsure of how to handle the problem, you must seek advice from an expert.  If you need medical advice, you speak with a doctor.  If you require financial guidance, you discuss that with your accountant.

So if you need legal help, you seek the help of an attorney.  It would be foolish as a business owner to allow legal problems to not be dealt with.  Still, it is easy for retailers to get bogged down in the decision making process which attorney to hire. Here are a few practical characteristics that may help you make your choice.

Trustworthiness: First, is the attorney you are choosing trustworthy?  After signing the engagement letter to hire an attorney, the attorney is bound by what is called attorney client relationship.  So, information that clients disclose to the attorney must be kept confidential.  This relationship is a distinctive feature of our legal system.  However, trust is more than keeping information confidential.  Do you trust this person to understand your business? Do you trust them to spot issues to avoid potential risks?  Do you trust that this person will be in your corner if you ever find yourself in a legal bind?  A client must put their total trust in the attorney they choose, so choosing wisely is vital.

Competence: Second is the attorney competent?  If the attorney is barred in the state they are practicing, you can rest assured they traversed  a gauntlet of final exams, research papers, brief, oral presentations, and let’s not forget that tiny little test known as the bar exam that they attorney had to successfully maneuver through to earn their license.  What I am referring to is the competency in the area where you are seeking their guidance.  So if the attorney specializes in real estate law and you are looking for someone to handle intellectual property matter; that might not be an exact fit.  Make sure that the attorney you hire has experience and knowledge in the retail industry.

Responsiveness:  Is the attorney responsive?  One of the largest areas of complaints state bars receive have to do with an attorneys’ lack of responsiveness to their clients.   Communication is at the core of what attorneys do every single day.  Having an attorney who responds rapidly to you is crucial to establishing a trust relationship.

There are other factors to consider when determining which attorney to hire.  Part of having a successful legal strategy for your business is having a strong ongoing relationship with a business expert, such as an attorney, whose goal is to help you protect your business.


Come hear and learn from Angie Avard  about Legal Strategy by attending one of her sessions on Friday, August 8 at 11am and 2pm during the Atlanta Apparel market.

Prom 2015 Color Trends

While we might think our memories of high school prom are special, this generation takes it to a whole new level. According to a recent study by Visa, the average household spent $978 on prom. This one night of luxury has become a huge industry that keeps on growing. To tap into this exciting trend, buyers need to be selling the season’s must-have dresses.

Girls shopping for prom consider many options when picking out the dress. One of the most important aspects is definitely the color. They do not want to be wearing the same color as their best friend, but also don’t want to be in something that is outdated.

The trend experts Stylesight predict these colors will be hot for spring/summer 2015:




Forest Greens

These colors were also popular for Miss USA and Miss America.

blush dress                         citron dress 2 greens

We’re sure we will be seeing  similar color trends at the upcoming WORLD OF PROM and August Atlanta Apparel Market (showrooms August 7-11 ; temporaries August 7-10).  Register today!

Gift & Home: On the Map

SouthernLinkAs the world becomes smaller and Google Earth can show you almost any place instantly, people are increasingly more interested in locations. Not just where am I, but where do I want to go? Maps and charts have the unique ability to both be a comforting reminder of home as well as a spark to dream of faraway lands.


Cavallini karma living Linon

Exhibitors at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® in July 2014 showcase myriad ways to incorporate cartography into home décor as well as gifts and even fashion. Whether you want to create a display of hometown pride or inspire travel or simply create an eclectic display, there’s a wealth of product available across categories.

Antique, unique, whimsical or abstract, there’s an interpretation to suit any retailer. Help your customers travel while staying put or bring a touch of home to a faraway place.

Cat Studio Galleon International chART